Tremane and Moe both jump back from Lamar to

turn around. Lamar is still lying on the ground frozen,

looking wide-eyed and stunned.

“What the fuck are you doing, bitch!” T yells at

Marvin. BANG! He shoots Nathan again in his chest.

Nathan is laying in a puddle of blood, his head soaked with it. I know he is still breathing because I can see his eyes blinking. The look on his face screams confusion and pain.

“Fuck, man! Fuck, I don’t know!” Marvin breaks his silence.

“Did I tell you to shoot’em, Marvin? Huh, nigga?!” is frantic.

“Man, fuck! Take me to the river! Take me to the

fucking river! Marvin says.

“For what?! I got my girl and my brother out here and you wanna go and do some shit like this?! Get the fuck in the car man. Get the fuck in the car!”

I can’t think. I just want to run out these damn bushes and grab hold of my homeboy. Lamar is completely still on the ground.

Tremane jumps into the driver’s seat, Moe and

Marvin jump into the backseat. Tremane stands back out in front of the car to lean over the hood.


“Babe, come get in the car,” T says.

“I’m not getting in that car and he just shot my

boy! No!” I say.

“Come the fuck on, Nahnee, before the police

come!” he yells.


I slowly come out of the bushes. I don’t think. I just

want to see my boys, man. I walk around Nathan and

Lamar. I see Nathan laying seemingly lifeless with

blood all over him. He has his right hand over his