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It was August 5, 2007, the day of my sister's wedding. Tonya and I hadn't always talked but whenever we did, I got the best conversation anyone could get from a big sister.

"40 TO LIFE"




Sad how a young man lost his life over $7. I do believe this is the very first book that I’ve actually read from start to finish, IN ONE SITTING!!! The way she describes all of the events that took place on that day made me feel like I was there! Hopefully, we’ll see this story played out on “the big screen” one day! It could really change someone’s life. Real deal eye opener


Finally finished this book. This book is amazing from the front cover to the back, full of adventures. I hope this book is on the best sellers list because it’s worth it! By Nahnee 🔥 🔥 (tap in with this author to buy a copy)


This book was one of the best books I’ve read in a while ! It was very detailed and didn’t hold back the true story! I’m waiting on part 2 to come out! I give it a 10/10!!


A very powerful story about the dangers of a controlling relationship, as well as being caught up in the system.


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